Works for Choir and Orchestra

List of my works for

Choir and Orchestra

Dear Followers!
Here you can find a catalogue of my works for Choir and  Orchestra, arranged by year.
Some of the listed pieces have embedded recordings, either audio or from YouTube.
An addition, some of them have a READ MORE link to pages with additional information about the pieces themselves and their  performances.
Hope you will like them!

PSALMS (2015-2014)

Cantata for Female Choir and Symphonic Wind Band

I. Psalm 139
II. Psalm 79
III. Psalm 121
IV. Psalm 126
V. Psalm 150

  • Duration: ca. 30 minutes
  • Picc, 2 Fls, Ob, Bsn, 3 Cls, B.Cl, 2 A.Sxs, T.Sx, B.Sx, 4 Hns, 3 Tpts, S-MS- A Choir, 3 Tbns, Bar, Tba, Timp, Perc. (4-5).


Oratorio for Narrator, Soprano, Choir & Symphony Orchestra

  • Duration: ca. 53 minutes
  • 3 Fls (I=PicII; II = A.Fl, PicIII; III= PicI), 2 Obs, 2Cls (II=Pic.Cl), B.Cl, 2 Bsns, 4 Hns, 3 tpts, 3 Tbns, Tba, Timp, Perc (4), Org (E.Org), S.Sopr, S-A- T-B Choir, Narrator, Str.

The 5 th Movement of Oratorio is written for Narrator and Choir a-capella singing without the text and can be performed as an independent piece named “The 5 th Lamentation of Jeremiah”. Below is the MIDI recording of this piece: