Events: 2012 - 2013

Events and performances between

2012 - 2013

Romantic Music For Viola and Symphony Orchestra

     Viola – Donald MAURICE 
     Piano – Wioletta FLUDA

     Viola – Donald MAURICE 
     Piano – Richard MAPP

MAR, 2013: Zubin MEHTA and IPO

in two concerts of the subscription series performed

For Symphony Orchestra
For Viola and Symphony Orchestra

Live recording from Concert of Remembrance for Kristallnacht 1938
     Vector Wellington Orchestra
     Viola – Donald MAURICE
     Conductor – Mark TADDEI

For Viola and Piano

     Viola – Donald MAURICE
     Piano –  Richard MAPP

For Viola and Harp

     Viola – Donald MAURICE
     Harp – Carolyn MILLS

For String Quartet

JUN, 2012: Israel

premiere of

Poem for Symphonic Wind Band