Musica Dolorosa No. 2 For Trombone Quartet (1988)

Musica Dolorosa No. 2 For Trombone Quartet (1988)

  • Duration: ca. 9 minutes

When I decided to write a piece for Trombone Quartet, I asked for advice from Prof. Yuri Alexandrovich Fortunatov. Although I already very familiar the capabilities of the trombone, I expected that Professor Fortunatov would advise me something nove. He told me:

Forget that you are writing for trombones. Write a piece for Cello quartet, and then give it to trombones to perform.

That paradoxal advice opened my mind and I explored new possibilities that I could otherwise not have imagined!

In 1988, the piece was completed, and I was awarded a Special Distinction Diploma for it at the International Composers’ Competition in Budapest. In 1989, the piece was premiered by the Hungarian F. List Music Academia Trombone Quartet, in Barch.

Much later, the piece was published by the Israel Music Center – Music Publishing.

Below is  the recording from the premiere at Barch in 1989.

F. List Music Academia Trombone Quartet
Barch, Hungary